How Much PayPal Charge For International Transfers

How Much Does PayPal Charge For International Transfers?

PayPal is an online payment system, by using it you can pay and receive amounts across the world. But the question arises in everyone’s mind “How much does PayPal charge for international transfers”. 

The world economy is interconnected and globalisation has a major role in it. Most countries do business with other countries and payment or money transfer services have taken place to make the payment. PayPal is one of them, it is one of the best options available for international money transfer that offers fast and cheap services to businesses.

So let’s discuss about international PayPal fees, is there are any hidden charges or not, the Currency Conversion Fee, how to avoid PayPal fee international etc.

Can PayPal Be Used For International Transactions?

PayPal is officially made for international transactions available in more than 180+ countries. It allows the companies to make cross-border payments and money transfers through its app and website. It is a majorly used app across the world for international money transfers.

Does PayPal Charge Fee To Send Money Internationally?

Yes, it does. If you are sending money abroad then PayPal international payment charges you around 2.90% with extra transactional fees if paying through PayPal debit or credit card. This is a minimum PayPal and foreign transaction fee, the fees depend on the country.

What Is PayPal’s International Currency Conversion Fee?

What Is PayPal’s International Currency Conversion Fee

If you are willing to convert your currency through PayPal then it will charge you a conversion fee. Here is a list of PayPal currency conversions.

CurrencyConversion FeeCurrencyConversion Fee
Brazilian real (BRL)4.00%Indian Rupee (INR)4.00%
Canadian dollar (CAD)4.00%New Taiwan dollar (TWD)4.00%
Czech koruna (CZK)4.00%New Zealand dollar (NZD)4.00%
Danish krone (DKK)4.00%Norwegian krone (NOK)4.00%
Hong Kong dollar (HKD)4.00%Philippine peso (PHP)4.00%
Hungarian forint (HUF)4.00%Russian ruble (RUB)4.00%
Israeli new shekel (ILS)4.00%Singapore dollar (SGD)4.00%
Japanese yen (JPY)4.00%Swedish krona (SEK)4.00%
Mexican peso (MXN)4.00%UK pounds sterling (GBP)4.00%
Euro (EUR)4.00%US dollar (USD)4.00%

How To  Avoid International Money Transfer PayPal Fee?

There is no way to avoid international money transfer PayPal fees. It is only free when you send money to your friends and family in the US. But there are some ways through which you can lower the transaction fee. Here are some ways let walk through it to mitigate the charges.

  • Fund Transactions With Your Paypal Account: If you transfer funds from your PayPal account then you can save extra charges when you pay through your credit card.
  • Make Larger Payments: Transfer money in large amounts so that the cost of the transaction is reduced and makes you save more.
  • Fee Deduction On Tax: Payment transaction fees related to the business is considered a necessary cost of business. So when you pay the tax, you can ask to deduct this cost from your tax.

These are some methods that you can use to avoid international PayPal fees.

How Much Does PayPal Charge For International Transfers Of $100?

PayPal will charge you around $3.49 for international transfers with an extra transaction fee of $0.49. So the total you will receive after the deduction of charges is $96.02.

Is It Cheaper To Transfer Money Internationally Through PayPal?

PayPal international payment charges are cheaper than the other service providers. It will charge you according to the country fees. You can check the conversion charges above table.

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