Does Capitec Work With PayPal?

Does PayPal Work With Capitec?

If you also want to open an account in Capitec, worry about does PayPal work with Capitec. Then you are on the right page in this guide we will discuss does PayPal directly integrates with PayPal or not.

The answer is Yes, but PayPal does not directly integrate with Capitec, however, you can link your PayPal account with your First National Bank online profile then you can withdraw from your Capitec account.

How To Link PayPal With Capitec?

Follow below mentioned steps to link your PayPal account with Capitec.

Create PayPal account: If you don’t have PayPal account then open a free account on the PayPal website.

Verify Your PayPal Account: Verify your full PayPal account by linking debit and credit card.

Add Capitec Bank Account: Link your Capitec bank account to make transactions, follow these steps:

After verifying your PayPal account, log in and click on the Wallet section.

Tap on Link a Bank account then choose the Capitec bank name from list.

Follow the upcoming instructions to complete your linking process. 

How To Make Transaction With Capitec?

Does PayPal Work With Capitec?

After successfully linking your Capitec bank account with PayPal, you can make unlimited transactions.

Send Money To Your PayPal Account

Transfer your money from Capitec Bank to your PayPal account to ensure that you have the funds for the transaction.

Making Payment:

When you are going to make a transaction, choose PayPal as your payment preference. Fund will be directly deducted from your Capitec account as PayPal-linked with Capitec bank.

Receiving Money:

When you receive money you can either put it in your PayPal account or send it directly to your Capitec bank account.

Is There any Fee Required to Link PayPal Account With Capitec?

No, there is no fee required for linking PayPal account to Capitec. You have to just fill in all credentials and follow the instructions to join your Capitec account with PayPal. PayPal work with Capitec and allows you to make transactions seamlessly.

How Long Does It Take To Link Capitec Account With PayPal?

It takes a very short time to link, after joining your Capitec bank account with PayPal you can make transactions easily. However, user experience may vary or it may take time because of server issues.

Can I Directly Withdrawl From Capitec Bank using PayPal Account?

You can not directly withdraw from Capitec Bank through PayPal. However, you can transfer fund from PayPal to Capitec Bank. For withdrawal, link your account with First National Bank online profile then you can deduct money from Capitec.


In conclusion, PayPal with Capitec Bank works seamlessly and you can make unlimited payments. You can directly send funds from your Capitec Bank account to PayPal. However for the withdrawal link your PayPal account with First National Bank online then you can withdraw money.

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